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Mummies and the Ancient Egyptians

Interdisciplinary Anthropological Conference

in person or by zoom

Organisers: Hungarian Natural History Museum (HNHM), HNM Semmelweis Museum of Medical History, HEFS Ancient Egyptian Committee
Date: 29th January 2024 – 2nd February 2024
Venue: HNHM (Budapest), Semmelweis Museum (Budapest), Tragor Ignác Museum (Vác)

The mummy collection of the Hungarian Natural History Museum includes the naturally preserved Vác mummies and the ancient Egyptian mummies of the former HNM Ethnographic Collection. The remains of other Egyptian mummies lie in the HNM Semmelweis Museum for Medical History. Their preservation, conservation, scientific study and presentation raise many practical, theoretical and ethical questions. This conference aims to provide an opportunity to discuss emerging issues regarding the study, conservation, and presentation of mummies in an international interdisciplinary framework.

Ancient Egyptians believed that a person lived as long as his name lasted. Today we think differently, as modern analytical techniques can reveal a great deal about the identity, lifestyle, habits, diet and health of a person who once lived. In many cases, even anonymous mummies or bone remains can be used to shed light on economic, social,  historical and religious aspects. Excavations also provide additional data, for example, regarding the location of the remains in the cemetery or tomb, the burial conditions and funerary goods and accessories. In the case of crypt mummies, archival data often complements scientific knowledge to better understand each individual. In addition to human remains, animal mummies are also significant, and can elucidate human-animal relationships, mummification technology, and Egyptian religious beliefs.

We welcome papers and posters dealing with museum and excavation material.
Main topics:
– Field possibilities and methods of research
– Presentation, analysis, research results of cemetery / tomb / human or animal remains
– Methods of human and animal mummification, mummy forgery
– Condition assessment, conservation, preservation
– Bioarchaeological field and laboratory testing methods and results obtained/expected
– Ethical issues (sampling, presentation, publication, etc.)

Key lecturers:
Salima Ikram
Dario Piombino-Mascali
Albert Zink

Deadline for 300 word abstracts (+ short professional CV): 20th October, 2023.

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Further enquiries can be made at mummyconference@nhmus.hu and mebt@mebt.hu